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Our Clients Testimonials

At Webs, it is our mission to assist our clients in enhancing their competitive edge and customer satisfaction through cutting-edge technology solutions and to migrate them from analogue to digital interfaces.

webs for africa    card printing  harare zimbabwe
Webs for Africa

Cimas Testimonial

It is with great pleasure that we recommend, Webs for Africa Technologies (Pvt) Ltd as a supplier of various type of card printers consumables, personalized cards and Kodak scanner software.

The assistance and support we have so far received from Webs have been excellent taking into consideration that they would constantly update on the progress of our order. Their service is dependable and professional.

One area where they really changed the game for us is in the supply of different types personalized cards for our members. They surprised us with delivering a big order even as the world was facing challenges on the supply chain due to Covid-19, ensuring data accuracy and above all at a significant lower cost than their competitors.

Therefore, we recommend them to you as an efficient supplier.

For and on Behalf of Cimas

Rufaro Masunda-Jere

(Cimas Chief Marketing Officer)

Webs for Africa

FBC Health Insurance Testimonial

Our Business relationship with Webs covers a number of products including supply of Kodak scanners; ID Card printer (Fargo) and consumables. Webs also supplies us with pre-printed membership cards as well and bartender software and support and lastly labels.

In all the various areas of interaction, we have found Webs to be very responsive. Whenever we have a query or a challenge with our machines or software, they will give us immediate attention and help to resolve the issue in the shortest time possible. They are a reliable supplier and business partner.

We have experienced the same with the card they supply. Whereas other companies may take long in fulfilling orders, Webs has consistently delivered within the agreed time lines. Of note, is the fact that the cards we buy from them come with hardly an error in terms of data. The quality so far is the best we have in this market. Thiers is a product that we distribute to our clients with both pride and confidence in terms of presentability and durability. They are also very competitively priced.

Webs is definitely a preferred supplier and software provider.

Nigel S. Mugwendere

(Business Development Manager – FBC Health Insurance)

Webs for Africa

First Mutual Testimonial

REF: Software, Hardware Maintenance and Consumables supply

Webs for Africa Technologies have worked with us in the supply and maintenance of the above, hence l do not hesitate recommending them to any other organizations who may wish to do business with them.


Barnabas Munyanyi

(First Mutual Procurement)

Webs for Africa

Generation Health Testimonial

REF: Software, Hardware Maintenance and Consumables supply

Generation Health; an open medical aid Fund has been in existence for over 20 years; has in the past two years partnered with WEBS FOR AFRICA for the provision of membership cards to the Fund. WEBS FOR AFRICA offers high quality services. From the time the fund started doing business with WEBS FOR AFRICA, our costs have gone down significantly while the quality of the cards and durability of the print has improved.

We appreciate how communicative they are during the card procurement process and how they keep their word.

Evidence Muchawaya, FM

(For and behalf of Generation Health)

Webs for Africa

MyCash Testimonial

MyCash, WEBS FOR AFRICA Testimonial

With reference to the above, we are writing to testify that we have worked with Webs for Africa since January, 2020. They supply us with ISO magnetic stripe pre-printed cards that are fully personalized.

We were impressed by the adherence to agreed delivery timelines and how swiftly they executed the order. The cards have been a huge win with our clients and are fully satisfied with the service received Webs For Africa is now our preferred manufacturer of cards.

Please feel free to contact us for any issues with regards to the above mentioned.

Thank you

Nyasha. I . Chapfakacha

(MyCash Operations Projects Manager.)

Webs for Africa

Bonvie Medical Aid Scheme Testimonial


I must say, we have had a very good relationship working with Webs, they are a young company, but they have proved their mettle within such a short period of time. Moreover, the data card printer and scanners we bought from them rarely give us and problems. What impresses us the most is that they keep their word and will send updates about progress on your orders. Our members are happy with the cards we get from Webs. They are durable and attractive. It enhances our brand as a health insurance provider and their products are good value for money.

Yours faithfully

Barron Mazambara

For and behalf of Bonvie Medical Aid Scheme)

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